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Who are we ?





Thanks to its expertise and know-how, FLUOTECHNIK, offers a wide range of fluorescent dyes, hydrological tracers, colouring and pigment agents including best packaging solutions.


Our customised offers and the quality of our products have already drawn a wide mix of customers going from private individuals to professionals acting in the field of environment, diagnostics, industry, construction, science and design.


Thanks to a user-friendly and customised purchase interface, you will now be able to easily get your supplies on our website. Thus, you will be able to request a quote on the totality of the range of products and related goods. Besides, the order history and the possibility to contact us either directly online or by phone, allow us to be as close as possible to your needs.


Always on the lookout for the latest technological innovations and with its proven experience, FLUOTECHNIK managed to develop a renowned know-how which hinges on 2 main activities:


1. Fluorescent dyes and artificial tracers


The use of fluorescent dyes and artificial tracers as fluorescein has contributed to make important progress in hydrology and hydrogeology. These tracers help, for example, to track water and the elements it carries off or also to determine its point of origin, hydraulic connections, places and flow rates. Today’s challenges on water resources management combined to the increase of waste transport have then led to a rise in the demand of hydrologic expertise.


So as to facilitate these state-of-the-art analyses, many hydrology and leakage tracing professionals trust our expertise and get their supplies on the FLUOTECHNIK.COM website.


We endeavour to offer a range of quality products that are adapted to their handling. These products are available all year long within very short times.


Discover our service offer especially designed to meet all the needs of the hydrology field and to facilitate the implementation of tracking systems.


Fluorescein and more broadly, fluorescent colouring agents are used in the following fields: water leak detections, air and various chemical products leak detections, industry, construction, environment etc.


2. Conditioning and pre-dosing of dyes and pigments


Dispersion, volatility and security constraints generate time losses that have a strong impact on human and technical organisations ultimately leading to functioning costs. In order to respond to these constraints, we have elaborated and adapted supply solutions according to the substance (powder, liquid…). We also provide mix solutions and solution treatments based on your terms and conditions. Our standardised weighing instruments allow us to meet your precision needs.


Our organization and our production plant allow us to make very small sets of a few kilos only but also larger sets that can reach several tonnes. Thanks to this important flexibility in production we are in a position to offer you tailor-made solutions.


FLUOTECHNIK is the insurance of a high quality product and service offer. Our quality control lab and our network of partners carefully selected, bring you the guarantee of a wide range of products that are perfectly calibrated. Whatever your application area, fluorescein, fluorescent dyes, acid and basic dyes, food colouring, organic and non-organic pigments and many more are available on FLUOTECHNIK.COM.


Enjoy the visit!


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