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red dye tracer for water tracing testing connexion of sewage systems
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Water uv tracer dyes powder DETECT + RED 180g or 1kg

Reference -DR+180
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DETECT+ YELLOW has been specially designed for applications of leak detection of water systems and industrial effluents

* Clear(Net) unitarian poid

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Water uv tracer dyes powder DETECT + RED  has been designed specifically for detecting leaks in water systems and industrial processes as well as on roofs and terraces; hydrological tracing; visual tracking; simulating the spreading of pollutants; etc.


Water uv tracer dyes powder DETECT + RED  is  available in yellow, red, blue, purple and clear versions in 180 g or 250 g formats, as well as in 1 l or 5 l, this range of tracing dyes is dispersible in water and is perfect for plumbing, piping, roofing, water-proofing, property surveys, leak detection, swimming pools, forensics and hydrogeology as well as for private individuals keen on carrying out their own investigations.


Water uv tracer dyes powder DETECT + RED  is fluorescent under uv lamp.


More information about our uv lamp range.


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Reviews about this Water uv tracer dyes powder DETECT + RED 180g or 1kg (4 reviews)

- Review added the Sunday 15 July 2018 by Manuel GG
Parfait rien à dire. Il est efficace
- Review added the Tuesday 19 December 2017 by Jonathan Daniel BLBL
Alternativa perfecta a la fluorisceina para poder diferenciar el origen de una filtracion dependiend... (Read more)
- Review added the Sunday 06 March 2016 by pierre L
Conditionnement et produit parfaits
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