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red dye tracer for water tracing testing connexion of sewage systems
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Water uv tracer dyes powder DETECT + RED 180g or 1kg

Reference -DR+180
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DETECT+ YELLOW has been specially designed for applications of leak detection of water systems and industrial effluents

* Clear(Net) unitarian poid

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The DETECT+ RED range is perfectly adapted to the plumbing and piping trades, real estate diagnosticians, leak detection specialists, swimming pool specialists, building experts, hydrogeologists, as well as any private individual wishing to carry out their own research.

To note: spotted under UV lamp from FLUOTECHNIK for YELLOW, PURPLE, WHITE




The DETECT + range of tracing dyes have been specially designed for :
- Roof / terrace / balcony / flooring waterproofing test
- Leakage and infiltration control in buildings
- Wastewater, stormwater and industrial water flow testing
- Simulation of agricultural spreading
- Search for a hydraulic connection between natural environment and building
- Search for leaks on civil engineering structures: dams, dikes, water reservoirs, etc.
- Search for water infiltration on floor, wall and ceiling
- Visual location and connection test of buried pipelines
- Simulation of chemical dispersion
- Leak detection on underfloor heating, glycol cooling circuit
- Leak detection on storage tank




- Bright colors, easily recognizable for several hours
- Very good solubility, easy dispersion
- Easy cleaning by simple rinsing
- Non-polluting, non-toxic, harmless to the environment (respect the conditions of use and prescribed dosage)




 > Are you a distributor / retailer of industrial and building supplies, an equipment distributor and / or industrial maintenance specialist? Contact us to find out more about our advantageous commercial terms about our water uv tracing dyes liquid DETECT + range.





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- Review added the Sunday 15 July 2018 by Manuel GG
Parfait rien à dire. Il est efficace
- Review added the Tuesday 19 December 2017 by Jonathan Daniel BLBL
Alternativa perfecta a la fluorisceina para poder diferenciar el origen de una filtracion dependiend... (Read more)
- Review added the Sunday 06 March 2016 by pierre L
Conditionnement et produit parfaits
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