Tightness test on system of filtration of air


For the control of the assembly of a new game of sleeves or filtering pockets, or to locate flights further to the observation of peaks of broadcasts of dusts, it is advised to realize a test in the fluorescent powder.

The fluorescent powder FLUODUST, used for this test, is a colored or colorless tracer, who reacts to the ultraviolet light (UV).
FLUODUST allows to validate the functioning of the installation in a few minutes, and to detect any possible flight(leak) by identifying the tube to be substituted and by maintaining the rest in functioning.

FLUODUST is an excellent preventive tool in the case of new, allowing installations the started of the installations unsurprisingly.


But not only, FLUODUST can allow the drawing of flight on network of air

In complement in the usual tools of detection, the use of FLUODUST for the location of flight on network of air assures a fast and effective visual location. His color lives added to its properties of fluorescence in the black light, allow a location of flight large-scale as with difficulty localizable micro-flights.

Or still the simulation of contamination: hygiene of cleaning

Used in the field of the training in laboratory, hospitals and industries, the range FLUODUST is a relevant educational tool for the highlighting and the simulation of contamination. The ultraviolet light is formidable to make sensitive on the contamination, the basic hygiene regulations, the good application of protocols as well as the basic techniques of the cleaning.

Also exist for the liquid part, do not hesitate to request us.


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