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Tracing, a new look at your process!


As the European leader in fluorescence and coloring tracing solutions, FLUOTECHNIK develops each year tracing techniques in various sectors of activity: aeronautics, medical, building products, agriculture, food, l automotive equipment…

What are our fluorescence tracing solutions for?

     To visualize and qualify the dispersion of a liquid on a surface,

     To check the tightness of a surface, a room, a tank, a circuit ...

     To control and qualify the quality of a mixture of liquids, powders, gel, plastics ...

     To manually or automatically mark parts on the production line

     To simulate and visualize the dispersion of a liquid in a natural, industrial, medical environment ...

     To simulate and visualize the dispersion of particles in natural, industrial, medical environments, etc.

We work on various media: water, oils, fuels, solvents, powder, plastics,

Fluorescent tracers often meet simple needs

     Better visualize, therefore better understand

     Simulate, therefore better anticipate

    Trace, therefore better follow

     Control, therefore better guarantee

     Optimize, therefore lose less and gain more

Our industrial organization allows us to innovate globally:

     Taking into account operational constraints: process, field,

     Taking into account economic constraints

     Taking into account health and environmental constraints

     Standard or personalized formulation

     Adaptation of packaging and packaging

     Search for a logistics solution adapted to the rate of consumption


This extensive collaboration with our customers allows us to regularly obtain very satisfactory technical results, and thus to enter into lasting commercial relationships.

We are legally committed to preserving the security of our customers' information by co-signing confidentiality contracts.


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