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Leak detection and tracing kit 4 COLOURS + 2 COLOURLESS - PACK PRO

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The PRO PACK is a complete diagnostic tool: a professional grade UV lamp, 4 fluorescent color tracers + 1 fluorescent colorless tracer + all dosing and injection equipment

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The PACK PRO of the DETECT + range is perfectly adapted to the professions of plumbing and sewerage, roofer/watertightener, real estate diagnostician, leak detection specialist, swimming pool specialist, forensic experts, as well as any professional intervening in the field of building and industrial diagnostics.




The DETECT + range of tracing dyes have been specially designed for :
- Roof / terrace / balcony / flooring waterproofing test
- Leakage and infiltration control in buildings
- Wastewater, stormwater and industrial water flow testing
- Simulation of agricultural spreading
- Search for a hydraulic connection between natural environment and building
- Search for leaks on civil engineering structures: dams, dikes, water reservoirs, etc.
- Search for water infiltration on floor, wall and ceiling
- Visual location and connection test of buried pipelines
- Simulation of chemical dispersion
- Leak detection on underfloor heating, glycol cooling circuit
- Leak detection on storage tank




- IP67-approved case: waterproof and airtight, ultra-resistant with pre-cut foam for optimal storage
- Several colors for multi-tracing (4 colors, 180g of each)
- A totally colorless tracer, visible under UV (2x250g)
- Accessories and dosing material included
- Excellent fluorescence contrast
- UV lamp kit PRO quality
- Non-polluting, non-toxic, harmless to the environment (respect the conditions of use and prescribed dosage)



The pack contains:

- 2 ultra resistant waterproof cases IP67 certified (336 x 300 x H148 mm)
- 4x180g DETECT +
- 1 high power UV lamp + charger + x2 battery
- 1 measuring cup 1L
- 1 pipette bottle 250ml
- 1 syringe 50ml
- 1 needle 10cm
- 2 caps for syringe
- 5 dosing scoops
- 2 UV protection glasses


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