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Industrial applications

Industrial applications



A wide-range of industrial applications requires the use of dyes and pigments.


Dispersion, volatility and security constraints generate time losses that have a strong impact on human and technical organisations ultimately leading to functioning costs.


Solution treatments and Mixtures


Do you wish to get your pigments already mixed in a solution? We have the possibility to perform this operation thanks to our lab and our equipment. The available conditioning ranges from 0.5 litres to 1000 litres.

If your requirements demand it, we also perform powder mixtures.


Tailor-made and pre-dosed packaging


Are you looking for a specific packaging? According to your requirements and following a legislative feasibility study, we offer you to adapt our products to the packaging / conditioning of your choice.

We also make the pre-dosing per packaged unit thus allowing to meet the required dose of each production series.

We use a standardised weighing equipment that allows us to meet your demand for precision.


Our production plant is made to complete smaller and larger series with different conditioning:


Buckets between 0.5 and 15kg

Barrels of 25 Kg

Sachets between 50grams and 10Kg

Water-soluble sachets between 50grams and 10Kg

Bags of 10 and 25 Kg

Tins between 0.5 litres and 15 litres

Jerry Cans between 25 litres and 200 litres

IBC Containers of 500 litres and 1000 litres


We also make customised labelling upon request. Feel free to contact us in that respect.


Contact us at: contact@fluotechnik.com


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