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Fluorimètre for drilling

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Fluorimètre for drilling

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Fluorometer down hole
Given tracers

Flow-through downhole field fluorometers

Diameter 48 mm Height 236/270 mm Usage: tracing experiments in 2" boreholes tested to

depths of 70 metres.  No mechanical parts, no wear. Can be used as well with quick-connect

fittings and 6 mm tubings. Double excitation - double detection allows measurements of 1 tracer

and turbidity.


Models have quadruple excitation and detection axes, allowing simultaneous use of three

tracers and independent turbidity measurement. The sonde connects with a 4-wire signa

l cable to a waterproof box hosting a datalogger and 1 or 2 batteries.


The datalogger provides power, timing, clock and data storage capability. The signal is

transmitted in digital form. The box can connect to any PC through the RS232 interface.


For unattended work, the datalogger stores as many as 4 x 60,000 samples and water

temperature (0.01°C accuracy) on a Compact Flash card.A recent datalogger version

features following advantages: LCD display on 2x16 characters, USB interface instead

of RS232, microSD card instead of CF, and optional GPRS modem for remote data

access through the web.


The surface sonde (FL30) is preferred for its better stability in turbidity measurement

and ease of use if the diameter is not a concern.

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Fluorometer down hole
Given tracers

Number of optics: 2 ( FL22 ) or 4 ( FL24)
Measure of the turbidity: 0.2 to 100 NTU
Limit of detection: 2 x 10-11 g / ml typically uranine )
Rate of measure: 9 rates between 2 dry and 15 min
Longer recording: several weeks
Capacity memory(report): 2 GB
Exit(Release) puts into series for PC: RS232 (or USB with adapter) or USB (new to logger)
Food(Supply) (battery(drum kit) in Pb): 6 in 12 volts
Capacity battery(drum kit): 12 - 24 Ah ( 1 or 2 batteries(drum kits))
Consumption in sleep mode: 1.5 In
Similar-digital conversion: 24 bit unipolaire
Connections: cable (30m or more) masses(massages): 1kg / 10m
Dressing of the probe: stainless steel 3kg
Logger: weight 7.9 kg with 2 batteries(drum kits) of 6V12Ah or 12V7Ah seal(quench),
Integrated(Joined) thermometer: sensibility 0.01°C

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Fluorometer down hole
Given tracers

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