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fluorescein powder for pipe flow test
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Fluorescein, uranine - EXTRA quality

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Fluorescein for the detection and search for the origin of a water leak and infiltration, the test for pipeline flow, the search for hydraulic loss in a water basin, leak test

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Fluorescein powder 100 gr.


100g jar of super concentrated Fluorescein (minimum 90%) supplied with its 5ml measuring scoop. Made in France.


What is fluorescein?

Fluorescein (uranine) is a dye, green / yellow color fluorescent in daylight, fluorescent under UV light. Its coloring power and its fluorescence properties make it a very effective measurement tool, applicable to a very large number of applications.


Fluorescein is in the form of a red / orange powder, or in concentrated liquid in 10% and 30% solution. FLUOTECHNIK is supplier of fluorescein. As such, we study all personalized production requests: packaging, packaging, mixtures, dilutions ...


The technical advantages of fluorescein
Fluorescein is a unique UV fluorescent tracer with several technical advantages:

  •          First, fluorescein is non-polluting, non-toxic and biodegradable, an essential quality in all areas of use. As such, fluorescein is used in natural and medical environments.
  •          Fluorescein is a tracing dye with a powerful coloring power offering a very bright color (green / neon yellow) which allows rapid visual identification without confusion!
  •         Fluorescein is a non-destructive tracing tool, which makes it possible to collect precious information, before engaging in heavy, expensive, and sometimes unsuccessful work ... It can be combined with other tracers (multi tracing) to map complex networks of pipes, piping, multiple terrace roofs, etc.
  •          Fluorescein has fluorescence properties, which makes it identifiable at very low doses using a fluorimetry instrument, and allows tracing in a natural environment.
  •          The fluorescence in UV light of fluorescein also makes it a very precise and effective diagnostic tool for locating infiltration in buildings, capillary ascent, looking for micro-leaks in difficult to access areas, poorly lit ...
  •          Fluorescein weakly adheres to absorbent materials, which facilitates its use and cleaning. However, in certain sensitive cases, it is preferable to use other colorless tracers (visible only under UV) that we have specially formulated for this type of need.

How and by whom is fluorescein used?

Working on a daily basis to guide our customers, we have made and seen the role of fluorescein and other tracers evolve over time, and today, many professions use it regularly.


We can also add that the practice of tracing is booming in several trades thanks to its ease of implementation, its non-destructive aspect, its low cost of use, and especially for the wealth of information that tracing brings:


  • Experts in hydrogeology and speleology use tracers like fluorescein for carrying out various environmental studies, studies of transit and flow times, measurements of river flow, tightness control of layers in the basement ...
  • The geothermal industry, which uses fluorescein to track the spread of hot water currents expelled into the sea.
  • Maritime and air safety, which uses fluorescein as a visual marker in the event of a disaster at sea, to facilitate the location of victims during rescue operations.
  • Plumbers / heaters who carry out tracing with fluorescein, tracing of leaks on the drinking water network, searching for leaks on the underfloor heating network ...
  • Specialist in property diagnostics and leak detection, legal experts in the building industry, who intervene and manipulate fluorescein for research of hydraulic connections in the basement, search for leaks, studies of the path of infiltration water, ...
  • Roofers / waterproofers, who use this tracing dye for waterproofing tests and identify areas of leaks after or before roofing work on roofs / terraces / balconies…
  • The pool engineers use fluorescein in liquid solution for the search for leaks in private pools and community pools.
  • Town halls, communities of municipalities and water treatment companies, which use the fluorescein dye for flow tests and compliance of sanitation and stormwater drainage networks.
  • The chemical and petrochemical industry inject fluorescein to validate the conformity and tightness of underwater pipelines, the tightness of storage tanks ...
  • Hydroelectric power plants, which regularly use our fluorescent tracers and fluorescein as part of maintenance operations.
  • Agronomy for impact studies on the spreading of phytosanitary treatments, uses fluorescein as tools for simulating dispersion and contamination.
  • Training centers that use fluorecein as a fluorescent marker to raise awareness of good cleaning practices, handling of hazardous products, etc.
  • Event companies regularly use fluorescein for coloring bodies of water or water shows ...

And many other trades and applications!



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Fluorescein powder 100 gr.

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Fluorescein powder 100 gr.

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