» Drawing and leak detection and test of connection

Drawing and leak detection and test of connection

Wastewater – the environment – buildings – industry



The DETECT + range is the perfect fit for plumbers and piping professionals, property surveyors and inspectors, leak detection specialists, swimming pool technicians, building experts and hydrogeologists – as well as for anyone wanting to carry out their own investigations.

Note: identifiable under UV 365/395 nm torch from FluoTechnik for




The DETECT+ range of tracing dyes has been specifically designed for:
• Roof / terrace / balcony / floor tightness tests
• Leak and infiltration inspections in buildings
• Wastewater, rainwater and industrial wastewater flow-rate tests
• Simulation of agricultural spreading
• Inspecting hydraulic connections between the natural environment and buildings
• Inspecting leaks on civil engineering projects: dam, dikes and water tanks
• Searching for water infiltration on floors, walls and ceilings
• Visual identification and connection tests for buried pipes
• Chemical dispersion simulation
• Leakage search on floor heating and glycol cooling systems
• Leakage search on storage tanks


• Bright colours that are easy to spot for several hours
• Very good solubility with easy dispersion
• Easy cleaning: simply rinse
• Non-polluting, non-toxic and no danger to the environment





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