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The diagnostic, of a booming market!

Every day, our network of distributor partners is growing, in France and abroad.

You are a specialist dealer of diagnostic equipment, industrial supplies, auto parts, air conditioning equipment, sealing, sanitation, hardware, laboratory equipment ...

Offer your customers a complete solution for tracing and searching for leaks, unique on the market which responds to the need for diagnostics in building and industry: water, air, oil, fuels, air conditioning, solvents ...!

Real non-destructive diagnostic tools of first necessity, the tracer is known and increasingly used by a large number of trades: roofer, waterproofer, sanitation specialist, community, plumber, specialist in leak detection, heating engineer, legal expert, refrigeration specialist, industrial maintenance, civil engineering constructor, etc.

Our advantageous and protective commercial conditions, our logistics services and our technical support, will allow you to fully and safely develop a new range with a real customer need!

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