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Welcome to the FLUOTECHNIK.COM website,


Based in the south of France in CAVAILLON, FLUOTECHNIK has been developing for more than 10 years fluorescence tracing and measurement solutions for the environment and research, as well as a wide range of tracers, equipment and UV lamps for leak detection, pipe tracing, contamination simulation, decoration and visual marking...


Now the European leader in fluorescent tracing solutions, our multilingual online sales platform, specifically developed for private, professional and institutional customers, enables us to deliver to several thousand customers in more than 50 different countries every year.


We offer UV tracing solutions for a wide range of environments:


-Artificial fluorescent tracers and fluorimetric measurement solutions for groundwater and surface water

-Tracer dyes for wastewater and stormwater systems

-UV fluorescent tracers for leak detection and leak testing

-UV leak detectors for hydraulic and air conditioning systems

-UV fluorescent contrast powders for leak detection on bag filters

-UV powder and tracer for contamination simulation

-Professional quality UV lamps for leak diagnosis


The quality of our UV fluorescent tracers and our UV equipment, as well as our technical innovation capabilities, satisfy numerous customers in the fields of university research and environmental engineering, the aeronautical industry, the petrochemical, railway and automotive industries, as well as a wide range of professionals and experts in the building industry, local authorities, leak detection specialists, emergency and training centres for chemical and nuclear risks, etc.

What applications for fluorescent tracers?


Working on a daily basis to guide our clients, we have seen the role of fluorescein and UV tracers evolve over time, and today, many professions use them regularly.


We can also add that the practice of tracing is expanding rapidly in several professions thanks to its ease of implementation, its non-destructive nature, its low cost of use, and above all for the wealth of information that tracing provides:


- Experts in hydrogeology and speleology use fluorescent artificial tracers for various environmental studies, transit and flow time studies, river flow measurements, waterproofing of underground layers, etc.


-The geothermal industry, which uses fluorescein to follow the propagation of hot water currents expelled into the sea.


-In the field of maritime and air safety, uranine is used as a visual marker in the event of a shipwreck, to facilitate the location of victims during rescue operations


- Plumbers and sanitation specialists use various tracing dyes to trace pipes, search for leaks in drinking water networks, search for leaks in underfloor heating networks, etc.


 -Property diagnostics and leak detection specialists, legal experts in the building industry, who use fluorescent tracers to diagnose hydraulic connections in basements, to detect leaks, to test the watertightness of roofs and facades, to study the path of infiltration water, etc.


-Roofers/waterproofers, who use tracer dyes to test waterproofing and locate leakage areas after or before roof/terrace/balcony roofing work...


-Swimming pool specialists who use fluorescein to find leaks in private and public pools


-Local councils, communities and water treatment companies use tracer dyes for flow testing and compliance of sewerage and storm water systems.


-Offshore companies, to whom we supply fluorescent liquid tracers to validate the compliance of underwater pipelines, storage tanks, etc.


-Hydroelectric power stations, which regularly use our uv tracers for hydraulic systems as part of their maintenance operations


-Agricultural vehicle manufacturers diagnose the tightness of their hydraulic systems using your UV fluorescent tracers for oil leak detection


-Car and truck garages locate air conditioning or coolant leaks with our UV developers


-We design colourless UV tracers for industrial leak testing, specially developed colourless fluorescent markers to meet international IP sealing standards


-Industrial maintenance technicians use UV developers for oil and petrol leak detection


-Agricultural engineers use UV markers for impact studies of crop protection treatments


-Training centres that use it as a UV marker to raise awareness of good cleaning practices, the handling of dangerous products, etc.


-Event companies, for the colouring of bodies of water or aquatic shows


FLUOTECHNIK also supplies equipment for leak detection and tracing:

  •     KITS of dyes and UV lamps for leak and water leakage diagnosis
  •     Pipe plugs for tracing waste water and industrial networks
  •     UV developer kits for leak detection in air conditioning and HVAC
  •     Fumigants for tracing pipes and underground networks
  •     Colourless UV tracers for contamination simulation

And many other trades and applications!


In many fields, the use of UV tracers and fluorescent markers meets several technical and environmental challenges.


It is important to be familiar with the good practices of use, the various regulations and to be advised on the technical implementation in terms of dosage, injection method, etc... Do not hesitate to contact us for any information.


Furthermore, FLUOTECHNIK is the main supplier of fluorescein in Europe. We select a raw material of super concentrated quality (> 90 %) which we offer in powder and concentrated liquid solutions.

FLUORESCEIN, the advantages of an ULTRA powerful tracer!


Today, there is a lot of talk about fluorescein or uranine, whether for leak detection or tracing in buildings, environmental tracing in hydrogeology, or even more widely in industry.


However, it is necessary to know more about this fluorescent tracer, to discover all its potential uses and above all to understand the strengths and technical advantages of fluorescein for your business.


FLUOTECHNIK, European leader in the formulation and production of fluorescent tracers for tracing and leak detection, for the building industry, the environment and industry, offers to answer your questions and to guide you as a specialist in the field.

What is uranine or fluorescein?


Fluorescein (uranine) is a complex colouring substance, fluorescing green/yellow in daylight and fluorescing under UV light. Its colouring power and fluorescence properties make it a highly effective diagnostic tool, applicable to a wide range of applications.

Technical advantages of fluorescein :

Fluorescein is a unique UV fluorescent tracer, and therefore has many technical advantages:


- Fluorescein is non-polluting, non-toxic and biodegradable, a quality that is essential in all areas of use. As such, it is used in natural and medical environments.


- Uranine is a fluorescent tracer dye visible under UV light with a powerful colouring power offering a very bright colour (green/yellow fluorescent) which allows a quick visual identification without confusion!


It is a non-destructive UV tracer, which allows to collect precious information, before engaging heavy, expensive and sometimes unsuccessful works... It can be associated with other tracers (multi tracing) to map complex networks of pipes, tubes, multiple roof terraces... etc


- Fluorescein has fluorescence properties, which makes it detectable at very low doses using a fluorometer, and allows tracing in natural or industrial environments on large volumes of water.


The fluorescence of uranine under UV light also makes it a very precise and effective diagnostic tool for locating infiltration in buildings, rising water by capillary action, the search for micro-leaks in areas that are difficult to access or poorly lit...


- Fluorescein adheres weakly to absorbent materials, which facilitates its use and cleaning. However, in certain sensitive cases, it is preferable to use other colourless tracers (visible only under UV light) that we have specially formulated for this type of need.

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